Hot-Food Holding Cabinets

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Hot Food Cab Product

Heated cabinets that stay that way.

Quick Facts

  • INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor for precise temperature control
  • New heating system distributes hot air evenly and effectively throughout the cabinet
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified to help reduce energy costs



Consistent, precise temperature control.

Traulsen R & A Series hot-food holding cabinets feature the INTELA-TRAUL® microprocessor control for precise temperature control from 135°F to 180°F (determined by the operator).

The new heating system design includes a low-watt density heater in an encapsulated double-wall down duct. Two fans pull air from the top of the cabinet down over the heater element.

This air then exits at the bottom of the cabinet and is drawn up over the product.

The convective airflow distribution system ensures consistent temperature maintenance even under the most stringent conditions.


Consistent temperature made simple.

Not only do Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets heat efficiently, their heating system is simple to operate. With a convenient ON/OFF button, the “One-Time Temperature-Setting Adjustment” automatically warms the unit to the last temperature set during operation.

Our hot-food holding cabinets include the same temperature monitoring, alarm and communication features as those used on our refrigerator and freezer models.

Traulsen refrigerators, freezers and hot-food holding cabinets offer you the widest variety in the industry, including one-, two- and three-section reach-ins, roll-ins and roll-thru cabinets. The R & A Series offers a wide selection of cabinet widths and depths, as well as several different tray slides from which to choose. So you can choose the equip-ment that is the most convenient for your operation.


Heavy-duty construction that stands up to demanding environments.

Your needs are simple: Equipment has to work, and it has to last. Traulsen’s R & A Series offers hot-food holding cabinets that stand up to heavy use for a long, long time.

Every model in our R-Series features a stainless steel exterior and interior for long life. A-Series equipment has a stainless steel exterior and anodized aluminum interior.

Traulsen hot-food holding cabinets are constructed with no flare joints. Instead, only soldered joints connect the heating system components, eliminating leak problems. One-piece sides prevent soil buildup and improve overall cabinet strength, making sure it stands up to years of heavy use. A rust- and corrosion-resistant finish also increases the life of the cabinet.

We back our commitment to durability with our product warranties: a lifetime warranty on door hinges and handles and a two-year INTELA-TRAUL control warranty.